As I wrote in my most recent article: “It’s hard to believe that the sun is setting in less than two hours. It’s hard to believe that it’s time to go to bed now that it’s dark.” While there is a part of me (and a major part of your brain) that is telling me that it’s time to go to sleep, the rest of me is telling me that I need to go to bed, too. It’s a hard balance.

This is why I’m writing this email. And I’m not just saying that because I’m tired. I’m tired of telling you I’m tired.

This email is from a guy who, while having no recollection of his past, still knows exactly where he is and what he is doing. He wrote to me because he knew I needed to hear what he had to say. And because he had just gotten back in touch after a long time.

I know that’s not the exact moment of this email, but this is only part of it.

What I’m talking about is a guy who just got back in touch. And what he wanted to say through this email is, “I’m just like you, but I don’t know how to use this phone, and I’m tired and I need some rest. If you think Ill help you, please call me.” He’s so tired though, and he needs so much rest.

A guy who calls himself a “buddhist” and uses the “buddhi” word. I have no idea if he’s even a real Buddhist, but I’m sure it’s not so far off from the truth. After a few days of practice, which includes “buddha-yoga” type moves, he’s able to calm his mind, relax his body, and completely forget about his phones and computers.

I think a lot of people confuse this word buddha-yoga with the type of yoga that is used in the West (Yoga for example). It’s a type of yoga that involves a lot of physical stretching and breathing exercises, but the type of yoga that I am talking about is a style of yoga that is primarily focused on self-reflection, meditation, and a very relaxed state of mind.

And through this email, we are going to be able to get a bit of insight into the new Deathloop gameplay and how much you can relax in it. We also get to see a bit of the new art style too.

And of course, we get to see some of the new Deathloop concept art, which is pretty damned cool.

The new Deathloop gameplay is a fun little game. But I think we’re going to be able to give you an idea of how many of the new gameplay features you can use, and of the new mechanics you can get. The game is definitely about the pace. It is about taking out the speed and you use it to try to get as many things out as possible.



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