Some of the most popular memes (of all time) came from the early days of the Christian Church. Of course, they were all about Easter. But they were also used to celebrate everyday things like having dinner with the family or meeting a new colleague.

While both of these memes are generally considered to be inappropriate, they were still funny. And here’s the best part for those old enough to remember them: the term “st patrick’s day” was used to refer to Easter Sunday.

Just to give you an example, the best part is that the first meme that people remember was about Jesus walking into the Father’s house in the middle of the night. When talking about Jesus, it was the first time that somebody was looking for a reason to walk into the Father’s house, and the first time anyone was looking for a reason to walk into the Father’s house. It was the first time a man walked into the Father’s house and got the message that Jesus had been here.

This was a pretty good Easter Sunday example of what we’re talking about here, which is why the meme’s popularity has grown over the years. The same thing happened with the first Easter meme, which became a meme for the whole world to remember. But now that we’ve entered the age of memes, people are starting to look for memes that aren’t exactly what we expect to see. It’s an ongoing problem.

This post will be the first to explain how we decide which memes are the best to share. When the memes reach the internet, they are shared by anyone with an internet connection, not just the people who are looking for them.

So, in the past, memes have been pretty much the same everywhere. They would be memes just for the sake of being memes. Even so, this month we’ve seen a whole new kind of meme emerge. Like a lot of memes, it’s been building for a while and is very new. That’s why we are sharing the first three memes below (including the first one you should’ve seen the first time you saw the original Easter meme).

In the Easter meme there is a guy who is a bit of a wanker and has been living on the island for almost a year. He has made friends with some of the locals who happen to share his same name. The first time you see the meme, it would seem like there is a very clear relationship between the guy and this island. Like when you see him, you are meant to recognize him as the person who left these messages in the sky.

It’s hard to know how to make that connection though. The guy is called “dublin” and the island is called “dublin.” I think that all the things that the guy has done for the past year on the island are meant to be a metaphor for his past behavior.

What’s neat, though, is that the meme is meant to be funny. That’s because the guy has an infectious sense of humor. Like the guy who makes the most perfect face ever, the one you want to make a joke about. That makes his meme funny, especially when you see it in a weird and random context.



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