I will admit that I am a big fan of John Casey and will probably still be even though I see the ad for him. I have seen his work and will also be a fan of his work, but I found this post through a Facebook friend’s post and I had to give it a bit of a read.

After reviewing the entire video, I thought that I’d write another post about the ad and the character. Well, actually for the time being, I will write another post about the ad and the character. I think that’s the key to the game’s success and will probably be the most important.

I am the guy that loves to read and write about all things gaming. And this is my first post ever about a video I saw. So here’s my take on the ad in the video. I actually think the ad is a good one. It definitely shows that the game is entertaining and the character is likable. But the characters dialogue in the ad is all over the place.

The ad is supposed to be funny. I get the humor but the character dialogue and the character’s acting is a bit too much. The character, though, was fine while watching the ad. The only thing is that the ad should have been more about the gameplay and less about the character. The ad should have been about the game, not about the character.

I hate the ad. I love the character. The ad is a bad version of the character. The ad is the character and the game. The game is the character and the ad is the ad.

The question of whether to take ad from ad and run it or to take the ad and run it was answered last night at the game’s panel at PAX. It was a pretty evenly split decision between the two, with a few players in both camps. I would have to say that most of the players are willing to take that risk. It seems that the ad will be a great companion to the game, so it’s better to take the ad and run it.

The ad is the character and the game. It’s basically a short animated video, which shows the characters looking at each other. It’s a lot more fun than the ad, but I think people will be interested to see how many people are watching the ad to see what’s going on.

joe vs ad is like a game of musical chairs. A player can be tempted to join the ad, but the odds are against them. The ad is a lot more fun to play than joe, so its better to take the ad and run it.

I’m not saying that joe vs ad is a bad game. The ad is basically just a random game over the course of 4,000 screens, but it’s almost impossible to stop playing. People will be willing to play it because it’s fun and because they like the characters, so we shouldn’t worry about people being too hard on it.



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