I’ve been on a really bad Facebook habit recently and I’m hoping it’s just a phase.

If you’re not having too much of a bad habit on Facebook, you can always use Facebook’s “Find Friends” feature to find people who use your same name.

That said, Ive been on a bad habit on Facebook recently too. Ive been posting more generic and random pictures of myself, often in the same picture. Its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but Im hoping to get off Facebook for awhile.

Ive also been posting pictures of my cat, Kia. She has a cool cat name of ‘Kia’. She’s a cat that likes to be near me when I’m cooking or painting. Ive been posting pictures of her and her kittens in the recent past. They’re adorable.

Well, maybe we should just stop. Maybe we should just stop posting them and just forget about them.

I would like to say something about Facebook and it’s user base, but no. I’ll leave the rest to other bloggers.

Facebook has over 300 million users, and that’s not all. Most of the people that use it are just regular people that do casual internet searches or do business searches that don’t require a Facebook account. But the people that do actually create a Facebook account are a small sub-set of the general population. Their main purpose is to “connect” with their friends through the site.

The people that are the primary users of Facebook are not the real people, but the people that use the site to keep in touch and make new friends. They are also the ones that are in the majority. Most of the other people that post on the site are simply regular people who are doing searches that dont require a Facebook account.

The people that are actually posting on Facebook are the real people. The ones posting on Facebook are the ones that are active on the site. The ones that are posting on Facebook are the ones that have friends and are more likely to be online because they can talk to their friends.

The purpose of Facebook is to be your friends. To make new friends, you have to post something that you are interested in and that others will like. I really like the fact that the more you post, the more your friends will see and like. So if you post that you like a particular song, or that you are doing something cool and posting it to your friends, they will likely be more likely to see it and like it.



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