This phrase is used by Apple to describe the company’s marketing efforts, but it’s really just a clever way to describe the way Apple designs its products. The company has been known to use this phrase to describe its products since the 1970s. It’s a way to make a statement and get people to care, or at least give a little chuckle.

The way Apple designs its products is nothing new. It used to be pretty standard, and it’s still very common. The problem is that Apple’s products are very often made by a company which is owned by a Chinese conglomerate. Apple, Inc. is a “public company.” It’s a company which is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is run by a board of directors. So, Apple has to keep its marketing message “in-house.

Which is why the ad for Apple’s new iPhone 4S has been so popular. It’s a catchy yet simple phrase, and one that can be used to get people talking about their products and what they can do. The ad makes people feel good about their products, which is always the goal of advertising. The ad makes people believe they are the coolest thing ever, which always makes people feel better about themselves.

It’s hard to make a catchy and memorable ad, especially if it’s not something you’re used to doing, especially if it’s something that you just came up with. But for the iPhone 4S, Apple created a catchy, memorable, and interesting ad. The phrase, “apples and oranges”, is a reference to the two different ways people use smartphones, which are “apples” (the phone itself) and “oranges” (the applications it runs).

The iPhone 4S video that Apple created for its ad is a great example of how to make a catchy and memorable ad. It was created by the ad agency, Leo Burnett, and shows off the new phone’s camera interface, which allows users to take still and video pictures with one hand. I was impressed with how much detail the ad designer could put into the screen shots of the device, and how well the ad worked as a stand alone.

This ad was the second of two. The first was a short advert for the iPhone 4S. The second was an ad for the iPhone 4. It was also created by Leo Burnett and is a great example of the kind of creative work that makes an ad memorable.

Yes, Apple’s ad is indeed an example of how good creative work can be used to make a great ad. It’s a brilliant example of how a strong marketing department and a good ad-creating team can effectively communicate their message through a simple idea.

This is one of those ads that’s actually a better ad than the real thing. The real ad is a bunch of random text on adverts that aren’t even in any particular order. This ad has a bunch of random text, but it’s written in a very clear and clear manner. The ad doesn’t seem to be trying to be anything more than a marketing piece; it’s just a quick and simple advertising concept in a single sentence.

If you’re going to make a very short and simple ad, make it a very short and simple one. The way you do this is by using a catchphrase or slogan. The catchphrase is what makes the ad so memorable. A good ad slogan is a simple concept that grabs your attention and makes you want more of it. This ad is the catchphrase of the company that’s making the apple ad.

Apple is doing a very good job of making it look like one of the most innovative companies in the world, and their catchphrase is “Apple.” This is because Apple really is Apple, and they are not about to change. The apple ad is not just marketing. It is also an advertisement for a product that Apple wants you to buy. It’s a way for the company to convince you that the apple is the best brand, and convince you of their values.



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